New Cycle Maximus Revealed

The new prototype Cycle Maximus looks to have a space frame design

Cycles Maximus have just revealed the first pictures of their new prototype. Having chatted to them about their new offering I understand that the designer of the original Maximus is behind this latest version, but there has been a significant departure from traditional designs with integration of a space frame.

This suggests a complete rethink of the trike has taken place. For the years it was in production, the old Maximus was widely regarded as the best load carrying trike in existence. I have heard of one company who managed to break one, but they claim to have broken 17 different load carrying machines and their Maximus had covered 150,000 miles. It will be interesting to see whether these changes have indeed improved a design which few had any complaints about.

We see in the Maximus a bike with the potential to bring our plans of a delivery consolidation centre for Leeds retailers into reality. With a capacity of 250kg and able to carry the europallet, there will be few consignments that would be beyond the Maximus.

The  prototype in this photo looks to be a Pedelec (electric assist version) with the Sunstar pedelec system, which first caught our eye at the Cycle Show last year.

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  1. Many thanks for your review and comments – I can assure you our testing so far has been really encouraging. Just for the record, the designer of the original Cycles Maximus is Tom Nesbitt, and he is indeed on board. Tom has been joined by a small team of talented designers who have been working with Mclaren F1, BMW and Bentley, and who are incorporating the latest engineering and technological knowledge into the new offerings from Cycles Maximus….Exciting times!

    • So when can we expect to hear about the specs of the new Maximus? Apart from the new looks, what sort of differences will a rider familiar with the original become aware of?

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