Last Mile Logo

It has been a long process but to mark the formal constitution of our cross Pennine partnership Last Mile has a new logo. LMLlogo gif

Obviously we have started with a cargo bike, in the purple shade which has become our company colour. This shade sets us apart from any other operators in the delivery sector and our uniforms and bikes will also use this as much as possible.

Our name is clearly shown in a contrasting green (with associated zero-carbon implications) and states (to those in the industry) exactly what we do. Our designers came up with the idea of a tube map to indicate our movement and deliveries or stops around a city.

We like it, and hope you do too.



Still tweaking the Website…

I am still trying to get WordPress themes to do what I want them to do, so have chosen another new theme to try. If you come to the site and find it in disarray then please come back soon to see our new improved site.

Last Mile website

So I am gradually getting to grips with WordPress and the ‘intrepidity’ theme which gives this website its basic design. I get the impression that one can change the Theme of a WordPress site as easily as you change your socks, so I don’t know whether this will be the final look.

I chose this theme because of the apparent ease of integration with a slideshow gallery. I’m struggling at the moment to get the Featured Content Gallery slideshow operating on the Homepage, as it seems to want to appear on the Blog posts page.

So far the site is beginning to take shape and there are loads of tutorials out there to help with every imaginable problem. Watch this space…

Last Mile logo

So, the first step with the website was to come up with a logo. I don’t quite know where this came from, but I had this sort of image in my mind from the start. So, returning to CorelDraw after a long break I managed to take myself through the process in the space of a few hours.

I do think that it has captured the essence of who we are –  or at least who we aim to be. I’m quite please with it, and especially like the fact that I can break apart the different elements (city, bike, name etc) to use them as icons or in different shaped spaces. I’d welcome your comments dear reader…