Delivery Consolidation

Leeds City Council have just announced plans to extend the pedestrianisation hours of the retail precinct in Leeds City Centre. In response, Last Mile Leeds are piloting a new delivery consolidation service, especially for those retailers affected by these changes.

So how would this work?

Last Mile Leeds Delivery Consolidation

We are able to offer two levels of service. Last Mile Leeds can receive goods on behalf of customers at our city centre depot, any time from 8am til 6pm. Our cargo bikes have access to the pedestrian precinct, including Trinity and the Victoria Quarter throughout the day and we can bring your deliveries at any time which suits you or your customers. The more retailers using this service, the more vans and lorries will be taken off the city streets.

Last Mile Stock Management and Call-down

In partnership with the Safestore premises, just 3 minutes from the Victoria Quarter, where Last Mile are based, we are also able to offer stock holding and call down facilities. If you are a retailer facing the challenge of managing stock while maximising sales floor space, you can choose to have your stock delivered to a secure storage unit just a few minutes from your premises. Then when you need stock, you can call down specific items, at your convenience. Such a model already serves retailers in Meadowhall and allows them to call down additional stock at customer request. Don’t have the correct size or colour on the shelf, ask the customer to come back in an hour and it will be available.

Get in touch with us to find out more and we will be happy to come and discuss how we can help you maximise your sales space.






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