Leeds Cycle Couriers or Leeds Cycle Delivery

Lets face it Cycle Couriers don’t have the best of reputations…

They are all Gung-ho, red-light jumping, thrill-seekers with a death-wish and no thought for other road users, right?

Certainly not the sort of person you want to entrust your deliveries to…unless it’s an emergency. So that is when cycle couriers get called – in an emergency. When something has to get from your office to someone elses office NOW, then you can put up with the bad rap for the sake of speed.

Obviously not all cycle couriers are like that. There are cycle couriers in Leeds and to the best of my knowledge, none of them have dreadlocks and all of them wear helmets. Although Last Mile Leeds can can offer rapid point-to-point collections and deliveries, and we probably are the quickest way to get your urgent item across the city,  we want to change the perception of cycle logistics, and are aiming for Last Mile Leeds to become the delivery method of choice for all inner city deliveries. That is why we have deliberately chosen to promote ourselves as Leeds Cycle Delivery rather than Leeds Cycle Couriers.

Our cargo (or freight) bikes allow us to deliver virtually anything that could be delivered by a man with a van and we soon expect to be running regular routes at set times for a number of our customers. This is not dissimilar to the myriad of other courier firms operating vans within the city, who (with the exception of the proverbial ‘white-van-man’ ) don’t have the same negative associations. Rather than contributing to the traffic problem and infuriating other road users, by choosing our services you are helping to alleviate some of the congestion in our city.

So next time you think of ‘Leeds Cycle Couriers’, instead think ‘Leeds Cycle Delivery’ and give Last Mile Leeds a call.