TRL Cycle Regulation Review


Also in Birmingham last week was the Cycling Forum of the CILT(UK) (Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport) last week where Brian Robinson of TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) was speaking on the Cycle Regulation Review which TRL are undertaking on behalf of the the DfT.
The DfT is reviewing bicycle regulations, including brakes, reflectors, lights, electrically assisted pedal cycles and those that cover commercial and goods deliveries. The following is a link to the presentation which outlines the full scope and scale of the review:

Light Fantastic…

Another product which caught our eye at the Cycle Show (indeed actually prompted us to put our hands in our pocket) were the Monkeylectric wheel lights. I can’t wait to cruise the streets of Leeds with these. Talk about eye catching…

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UK Cycle Accident Map

Cycling is not an inherently dangerous activity.Let me get that out there first.

That being said there were several lawyers at the Cycle Show promoting themselves as cycle accident specialists. But as there are lawyers who seem to focus on tripping over pavements, I don’t think this says very much.

Anyway Levenes Solicitors have a nice little addition to their website which is a map of the UK showing the location of every reported cycle accident since 2005. Hover over a dot and you can see information such as the age of the rider, time of the accident and weather conditions.

There aren’t too many surprises. Accidents tend to cluster along the busier commuter routes and at roundabouts and junctions. The map above shows the city of Leeds, but despite the huge number of dots, there have been only 6 fatal cycle accidents within the city since 2005.


The Cycle Show 2012

We attended the trade day of this years Cycle Show last week and thought we would write a few posts on what caught our eye.

One highlight was the huge array of electric bikes on show, and available to test ride, though the test track was more tight hairpins than sweeping bends, so an extended run wasn’t really possible.

We were most taken by the offering from Braking-Sunstar with their retrofit pedelec system. Perfect to add to our cargo bikes should we decide to go this route and I had the chance to try out an adapted Bakfiets cargo bike. It didn’t seem to have quite the punch of the iBullitt from Germany, but this is all down to the programming of the motor and can be easily changed apparently.